About The Knowledge Effect

As Kofi Annan put it;  “literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman, and child can realize his or her full potential” , Thus The  Knowledge Effect is an organization that values the importance of empowering communities through promoting literacy as literacy on various issues brings hope and light to communities. The founder, Winnie Mabena upon moving to Chadiza a rural district on the eastern part of Zambia she realized that most children dropped of out school due to problems with financing education thus living many in the district to remain in absolute poverty and remain illiterate thereby leading to an increase in the number of uneducated persons in Zambia. It was from this realization that The Knowledge Effect included in their approach of promoting literacy a program to finance education for vulnerable Children especially teen mothers, Child brides, and children living with disabilities. Note that among other key issues realized was that Eastern Province of Zambia remains with the highest number of Child/early marriages especially due to traditional or cultural practices. The Knowledge Effect exists to solve goal number four of the sustainable development goals which is Quality Education Target 4.4 Literacy. We take an approach of reading clubs, building libraries (which is a project we are yet to embark on) as centers of knowledge and empowerment, financing education, and providing mentorship in rural communities. Understanding that literacy is an integral part of education for all


 We started our back to school program with 10 children in 2019 January in Chadiza and by the close of the third term in December 2019 we had 47 Children in primary school, basic and secondary school. This covers three schools in Chadiza district namely, Kazionele Primary, Zemba Secondary, Chadiza Day, and Chadiza Primary School.

Our reading club started at Chongwe school for the Orphans and vulnerable children with one book against  100 plus children and now have 150 books which we are using. Our dream is to grow to reach out to more children in rural communities and build libraries.


Alongside this, we provide mentorship to children in rural communities and schools. During our mentorship talks, we invite different role models and inspirational persons to talk to the children, especially for career advice and guidance. This is also to inspire rural children to act bolder and dream big.


Visit our Facebook page @theknowledgeffect or send us an email to volunteer or donate @theknowledgeffect@gmail.com

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